Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Visiting Salvador is an unique experience, even for Brazilians.

Salvador is a “no stress” city.
It is a big metropolis, with visible social problems, heavy traffic, millions of inhabitants. Still, it is a “no stress” city.

Founded in 1549, Salvador is one of the oldest cities in Brazil.
The cultures of the Portuguese settlers, the native Indians and the black slaves had close contact for centuries, in both amicable and hostile ways.
That contact created a complex culture, which visitors can sense in many ways: tasting the food, listening to the music, attending religious rituals, learning capoeira, …

The topology of Salvador is also unique, with a clear separation between the Lower and the Upper City.
The Lower City, formerly occupied by the poorer classes, today enchants its visitors with some of the best urban beaches in Brazil.
The Upper City, the former Political and Economic center, displays today a rich cultural and material Heritage.