Beaches in Salvador and Bahia

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No other city in Brazil has more beaches than Salvador, and no other State of Brazil has more beaches than Bahia.

Beaches in Salvador
beaches in Salvador

Salvador is blessed with more than 50 km (about 30 miles) of urban beaches.

Notice that some beaches are washed by the tranquil waters of the All Saints Bay, whereas others (most) are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Some beaches are used for bathing and swimming, some for surfing, some are taken by rocks, some have contaminated waters.

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Beaches in Bahia
beaches Bahia

Bahia has the longest coast among all Brazilian States, with nearly 1,200 km (about 750 miles) of beaches.

In common, all beaches share a sunny and windy weather, fine sand, warm water.

The coast is so rich and so diverse that it was divided in a few sectors: the All Saints Bay (the area around the city of Salvador), Coast of Dende, Coast of Cocoa, Coast of the Discovery, Coast of Whales, Coast of Palm Trees, Lakes of San Francisco River.

Each sector has its own peculiarities.

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