Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Culture of Bahia


The Culture of Bahia is one of the richest in Brazil, and one of the most influenced by black people.

Food in Bahia: acarajé, vatapá, caruru. These dishes are uniquely associated with Bahia. Restaurants all around Brazil serve “food from Bahia”, including these dishes.

Religion: candomblé and umbanda are results of the religious syncretism which occurred firstly and mostly in Bahia. This was the way that black slaves found to preserve something from their original religions: they were obliged to follow Catholic beliefs, so they disguised they African Deities in Catholic Entities and Saints.

Dance and music. Again, as a means to preserve their original cultures, black slaves passed from generations to generations the dancing and music traditions they brought from Africa.
Until today, Bahia is the most musical State in Brazil.